How to Join ANZAAG

ANZAAG welcomes membership to our Group as either a full or associate member.

The ANZAAG constitution requires that to be eligible for ANZAAG membership a person must:

(a) support the objects of the group; and
(b) be actively involved in clinical practice, teaching or research relating to perioperative allergy; and
(c) have such qualifications or satisfy such other criteria as set out in the bylaws.

Applications for membership will require:

  • completion of the online membership application
  • a current curriculum vitae – this will be used by the Executive to determine the applicable membership category
  • a ‘nominator’ who is a member of ANZAAG – the ANZAAG Executive will contact them directly to confirm their support of your application.
    NB: If you are unable to name a current ANZAAG member to support your application, an Executive member may need to contact you to discuss your role and interest in perioperative allergy. 

Membership applications will be considered at the next ANZAAG Executive Committee Meeting. Admission to ANZAAG and offered membership category is at the discretion of the Executive.

Please note that no payment is required with the membership application. An email with a link for ease of payment will be issued after your application is approved by the Executive.

If you have any further queries or concerns regarding your membership application please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for assistance.