Refer a Patient

Referrers Please Note:
No referrals can be accepted at
Referrals must be sent to an individual testing centre

Please follow the steps below to refer a patient for perioperative allergy testing.

  1. Anaesthetists please ensure the patient receives
    1. The Form Letter advising them of the substances they were exposed to
      prior to the reaction
    2. The patient information sheet Allergic Reaction in the Operating Room
  2. Identify the nearest testing centre, that the patient can attend, and follow the steps indicated for referral to that testing centre.
  3. Complete the ANZAAG referral form.
    NB: Royal North Shore Hospital requires the completion of an online referral form.
  4. Submit the completed ANZAAG referral form, the anaesthetic record and operative record from the suspected event direct to the chosen testing centre.